Updated: Jul 22, 2020

With so much information and contradiction about the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we feel the best way to overcome and help one another is to focus on the solution ------ which is protecting oneself from this virus.

Therefore, Standing As One has laid out these next recommendations. Please note; one important key point: none of the recommendations being given anywhere are 100% guaranteed effective.


Fortify Your Immune System

Generally speaking, this is the best way of giving oneself a fair and decent chance for protection. This point is not being discussed much or its even completely ignored. However, a healthy and effective immune system can help resist and overcome even if infected.

Many people do rely on a vaccine. But in addition, lets remember that our body does have its shield of protection!

So what nutrients are needed?

Among others:

*Vitamin C

*Vitamin B6

*Vitamin E

* Zinc



*Both of these articles were written in January of 2015 and January 2020 before Covid-19 extended worldwide.

(note: Always consult your professional consultant or physician to help you as needed. An excess of certain vitamins and minerals can have a counter effect.)


Face Coverings

Many comments are made in the alternative internet media such as:

1. "Masks are completely worthless"

2. "They don't help"

Are these statements True or False?

Answer: False

However, certain types of masks or face coverings are not as effective as one is told to believe. Nevertheless, they do have their value.

Here is an overview of the following:

1. Respirators

If not the best, one of the best. It helps provide protection against particles in the air and vapors.

Example: Construction workers such as those in the painting field use these when spray painting.

Very effective against the dangerous mini particles getting in the nasal passages and lungs.

Yes, Covid-19 and flu particulates are much smaller. However, a respirator as seen here is an excellent tool! (Osha approved)

2. N95 Mask

This particular mask is used among many labor workers against dust and other particles. Though not as effective as a respirator, it does indeed function. When they become available to the public, they are very good to have.

3. Cloth Coverings

These can be the least effective compared to a respirator or a N95 mask.

However, this is the key for any face covering: Though not needing to be excessive, it must be properly tight around the nose and mouth. Make sure it is not too loose!

Social Distancing

It is effective especially when combined with a mask cover.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Recommended strength: At least 70%.

If not available at local stores, here are a few sources where you can obtain in different sizes and strength including commercial use:


Houston TX. Phone: 844-920-1373


Austin TX. Phone: 512-887-5953


Remember, none of these recommendations are 100% guaranteed successful. On the other hand, it will put you in a better position in dealing with COVID-19.

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